Bar chair BCR-501




Cama Meble




45 cm


105 cm


52 cm


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    Bar stool BCR-500  is made of metal in a colorful, modern design. Due to this, the model will be able to organically fit in and complement almost any interior. The chair itself is quite high - about 1 m, which, of course, is quite comfortable for use. The model is made of high quality materials, so it will please the operational properties and long service life.

    • Case Material: Chrome
    • Upholstery material: fabric
    • Upholstery color: purple
    • Width (cm) v: 45
    • Depth (cm) v: 52
    • Height (cm) v: 105
    • Weight (kg) v: 7.65
    • Volume (m3) v: 0.054
    • Country of origin: China
    • Warranty: 12 months
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